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December 2021


December 2021

Peak into your GIT History!

Peak into your GIT History!

Sometimes you've got to take a step back and see how far you've come.

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Zainab Fahim
·Dec 21, 2021·

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2019 October, one of my colleague enters the computer lab and retrieves an email from her account. I was shocked! I was mind blown by the fact that she could access her mail from another device. She then takes out a pen drive and copies the file into her pen drive. Making her way through one folder to another. All the while having another conversation on the side, as I stood there completely taken aback by the magic she had just pulled through.

var colleague;
const me;
function XthOctober19(colleague, me){
     while (casualConvo(colleague)){
     return stunned(me); 

Two years, I may have not done much, but boy have I progressed! I still hold much respect to her, because it still stuns me how she pulled that through.

We all have that moment, where memories of something small still gives us the chills, even though we've come a long way through that and perhaps able to do much better ourselves. It's perhaps the child within us. Remember, that child still lives within us.

We go through our way to do much, to achieve more, to reach higher and further. While on the course of that journey we are met with hurdles and thorns. We then start to doubt our choices, we doubt our capacity. We doubt our worth, we even hate ourselves for not making through. Why? Because we compare ourselves with others, we see how much they've done. But we know so little, we don't even know the rest of the equation. How long it took them to get there, how easy or hard the path was, how much was it their own, and how much it was because of another. But most of all we forget, how they aren't simply you. That person you are comparing yourself with- isn't you. Will never be you. And you need to know that. Remember that. We not only pain ourselves, but we also hurt the inner child within us.

As I look at the for-the-12th-time error log on my screen and I don't my worthiness. Hate myself for being so unlucky and silly. As I see all the others running and contributing to the project.. I'm unknowingly hurting that inner child in me, who, who would be proud, stunned and amazed even if I could pull up logging into my email account from another device.

Remember being in the tech industry means, there's a lot to learn, enveloping amount of tech stacks and languages. As a beginner it can be quite intimidating. But you've got to be kind on yourself. Sometimes you've got to see how far you've come. You've got to be proud of what you've achieved so far. You've got to sometimes, change gear and see the journey you've made through so far.

if (output==error){
    while (feelsQuit){

Yes it might not be enough, yes there are others doing more, and yes maybe you can do more, but sometimes being hard on yourself brings more harm than good.

Moments when you begin to doubt yourself and perhaps start to think of quitting, remember how far you've come. Remember how much you've achieved. And remember why you started.

For me it's the excitement of bring things to life. For me it's that inner child's innocent console.log("WOOOAHH") and console.log("YEAH!!!") that is so fulfilling and rewarding that made me get into tech. Remind yourself why you started.

Happy Coding :) PS:

console.log ("We are in it together");
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